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Our Approach

How our highly experienced team works to bring you results

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Smooth and efficient onboarding

Onboarding a focusgov solution is a smooth and efficient process following our ISO9001 operational standards. We have been transforming public services with our innovative digital solutions for over a decade and are experts in partnering with organisations to deliver successful digital transformation programmes that deliver improved outcomes.

Dedicated project team

Each customer has a dedicated project team, to oversee the design, build and onboarding of all our solutions. We use the cloud-based project management software to ensure that all the stakeholders involved in the process know who is responsible for what and when. This helps keep the project on track and ensure you experiencing then benefits of our solution as quickly as possible.

Co-produced solutions

In keeping with the Government Digital Service principles, all our solutions are co-produced with the service users. Our design team run engagement sessions with your children and young people, families and community teams to understand their user needs and make sure we are solving the whole problem for them.

Rapid iterative development

Our development team quickly turn your design into working solutions and give you access to them to provide instant feedback so we can quickly iterate any design changes into the solution.

On-going Training

We work with your teams to ensure they fully understand our solutions, the benefits it brings to their daily work and the expected outcomes for service users.

We provide training on solution administration, ensuring customers can make solution updates themselves, as well as providing access to training videos and online guides.

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